Indian weddings are considered to be one of the most elaborate celebrations in their culture. Traditional weddings last for five days. On the second day of this five-day long celebration is the mehendi party, where all the females attending it apply mehndi to enhance the celebration mood. Mehndi has and always will be a part of the Indian tradition. Indian weddings without mehndi are generally considered to be incomplete.

In other cultures, mehndi or mehendi symbolizes a sign of fertility. But in the Indian culture, it symbolizes the love and affection of the bride’s husband and her mother-in-law. The longer the mehndi design stays on the skin of the bride, the more love she receives from her husband and her in-laws. It is also observed in their tradition that as long as the mehndi design has not faded, the bride will not be doing any housework.

The bride and her sisters have on the same bridal mehndi designs that the bride herself chose. The designs are carefully chosen to match the bride’s outfit and her looks. Bridal mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands, feet and face a day before the wedding. This is to ensure that the bride looks exceptional than all the other females in the party.

A part of the bridal mehndi tradition amongst Indians is that the bride writes the name of her husband on her palm mixed with the mehndi designs. Her husband has to look for his name or this would mean that the bride would be the leader in their marriage. In some cases, the wedding does not start until the husband has found his name.

Bridal mehndi designs range from intricate floral designs and paisleys to anything that the bride desires. Traditional designs are usually used by some brides, but recently, modern mehndi designs are now being incorporated in bridal mehndi. The right bridal mehndi designs are those that accentuate the bride’s hands to make them look gorgeous. Designs that match the bridal dress and complement the ceremony are taken in to consideration.

As mehndi parties go, one might need to hire a professional mehndi artist to apply mehndi on the bride and the guests. There are bridal packages that artists offer. It is up to the bride and her husband to choose the best bargain among the bridal packages. These may include the application of the mehndi designs on the bride and her guests, as well as the after-care of these designs. If not, they may want to look for an artist who has economical hourly rates.

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